When to visit our beautiful retreat

Barra and Inhambane are year-round destinations and promise a great time regardless of when you travel.  To assist with your planning, below is a short guide for those who may be looking for a specific experience.

when is a good time to visit

Summer (November to March)

Summer months are very popular making beaches and restaurants are a little busier than usual.  Temperatures and humidity are high throughout the day and long into the evening.  It’s the rainy season and while downpours can be heavy, the sunny blue skies are quick to return.

Winter (April to October)

Winter is a great time to visit as the days are warm, but the cooler evenings offer a welcome respite from the heat.


Diving in Barra is good year round. Summer is popular due to warmer waters and frequent Whaleshark sightings.  Winter offers the Humpback Whale migration. February and August tend to be windy, creating choppy sea conditions, which can affect visibility.

Mozambique enjoys a tropical climate.  The area around Inhambane and Barra enjoys hot sunny weather with an average temperature of 28 °C. The rainy season from November to March brings high levels of humidity.

what to pack for your trip

Light, breathable clothing is suggested, along with a hat and sunglasses.  Light trousers and sweatshirts are recommended for the winter months of April to October, however these are also useful on summer evenings to help deter mosquitoes.

A pair of sandals and comfortable walking shoes will provide footwear options for a range of activities.  A rain jacket is recommended for the November to March period and, of course, swimwear is a must year-round.

In addition to the suggested clothing, mosquito repellent and sunscreen are must-have items to ensure an enjoyable stay in Mozambique.