Whether it’s searching for the tiny seahorses in the Flamingo Bay estuary, enjoying the sights and sounds of Inhambane and Barra or sinking below the surface of the Indian Ocean to mingle with the marine life, there are a host of attractions and activities within easy reach from Eclectic Beach Retreat.

Eclectic Beach Retreat works closely with providers of an array of tours and services to enhance your stay in Barra.  Guests of the Retreat can book the following range of amazing excursions directly at reception.

Outdoor Activities

Fill each day with a different experience with a range of outdoor activities in the area.

From kayaking and kitesurfing to parasailing and jet skiing, there is a water sport for every taste.  For those looking to stay on dry land, the choices are seemingly endless.  Bird lovers can spot over 500 species in this remote area while restaurants, beach bars and nightclubs offer a wide selection of cuisine and music to suit every taste and budget.

Dhow Trips

Enjoy a day out at sea on a rustic Arabian-style dhow.  Take in the magic of the shallow reefs with a touch of snorkelling before drying off under the African sun on the deck.


Barra is known for its party atmosphere and how better to discover the hotspots than with a bar-hopping tour? An open-air game drive truck drives you between the best bars and beach pubs in Barra and Tofo, allowing you to fully enjoy the party without worrying about where to find your car keys at the end of the night!

Ocean Safari

Mention the word “Africa” and a safari in an expansive grass plain springs to mind.
But this is the Mozambican coast, so why not take the wildlife spotting action out beyond the waves too?  Spot whale sharks, mantra rays, dolphins, turtles and an ocean-full of other marine creatures on an amazing ocean safari.


Just 7km from Eclectic Beach Retreat lies the surfing capital of Mozambique. 

Tofo Beach offers waves perfect for beginners while more experienced surfers can challenge themselves at Tofinho and Back Door.  Surf and body boards are available for rent from various beach-bars in the area and there is a great, laid-back party vibe along the beach for those who prefer to keep their feet dry.


You don’t go home after a trip to Barra with the story of “the one that got away”.
Join a team of experienced fishermen for an adrenaline-inducing wrestle with the giants of the deep on a fishing charter.

Linga linga day trip

Across the bay from the Barra peninsula lies a tiny slice of tranquil paradise.

Hop on a boat that takes you across the lake to Linga Linga, where you can spend time lazing on the quiet, uncrowded beach and enjoy a delicious lunch before returning to Barra.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Year-round diving conditions make this area a world class destination for subsurface exploration.

Whale sharks are common during the summer months of November to March, while April to October brings the spectacle of the Humpback Whale migration.  Giant Manta Rays unique to this area are a highlight and a huge variety of other sea creatures make Barra a must-see for any diving enthusiast.

Inhambane town

Take a break from the beach and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Inhambane Town.

A diverse and interesting history makes the town an interesting place to explore. Sit down at one of the local restaurants for an authentic meal, appreciate the architecture of buildings like the Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception or peruse the Mercado Central Market, absorbing the sights and aromas of the selection of fresh produce on sale.