10 Reasons Barra Beach is your next getaway!

City life is a drag.  Sure, you may have access to all the best restaurants,
endless entertainment and super-speed internet connections – but at what cost?
Living in the rat race usually means that when you’re not stuck in traffic,
you seem to be in a constant state of stress.

That’s why you need to escape to Barra Beach!

We’ve put together a list of the Top 10 reasons that Barra is exactly where you need to be!

#10 – Sunrise

Being situated on the eastern shore of Africa means you get to witness the most spectacular sunrises over the Indian Ocean.  Think of it as the world’s most beautiful (and silent) alarm clock.

#9 – Food

Mozambican food is a fusion of the country’s Portuguese heritage and locally grown produce.
It’s super fresh, deliciously spicy and cost effective.  We highly recommend the famous Piri-piri prawns!

#8 – 2M

2M (pronounced Dosh-Em).  No further explanation is needed!

#7 – The Beach

Long stretches of pristine sand along which the warm Indian Ocean currents wash up. Whether you’re the “catch some rays with a good book” type or looking for something more active, feeling the African sun on your skin and the sand between your toes is sure to make stress melt away.

#6 – Surfing

Tofo Beach is the surfing capital of Mozambique (and just 7km from Eclectic Beach Retreat). Perfect for beginners, those looking for something more technical can stroll over the neighbouring Tofhino or Back Door. The numerous bars along the beachfront create a laid back vibe. Oh – and you can hire boards too, so you don’t have to lug yours along!

#5 – Diving

Mantas, turtles, sharks, fish, coral – we have it all!  The warm waters of the Indian Ocean
are not only home to a huge diversity of marine life, but makes it all the more pleasant to explore compared to the icy waters in other parts of the world.  The gentle giants of the sea, Whalesharks, are frequently seen between November and March, while the winter period of April to October sees the annual Humpback Whale migration.

#4 – Inhambane

Not only is Inhambane home to the airport you’ll fly into, but it sports an amazing fresh produce market.  Fruits and veg, spices, meat and seafood, souvenirs – you name it, they’ll stock it!  While in town, you can take in the historical architecture and enjoy an authentic meal at a local restaurant.

#3 – The African sky

After the sun sinks below the horizon, you’ll be treated to
the most amazing night sky you’ve ever seen.  Orion’s Belt, the Southern Cross and the Milky Way put on an inspiring nightly spectacle that cannot be missed!

#2 – The People

The only thing that can rival the warmth of the African sun is the warmth of the African people.  Friendly and hospitable, their energy is infectious and a smile lies around every corner.

#1 – Eclectic Beach Retreat

Eclectic Beach Retreat lies just 20 minutes from Inhambane.  A boutique retreat featuring
only 7 bespoke suites, you’re no more than 50 metres from the shore.
From witnessing the sunrise from bed to enjoying a cocktail in your private splash pool,
the staff at Eclectic Beach resort are on hand to ensure your stay in Mozambique delivers
everything you need it to – an escape to refresh, renew and revitalize!

We’re pretty sure you’re convinced that this is where you belong
and we look forward to welcoming you at Eclectic Beach Retreat.

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